Retrospection- Action Field Kodra 2017

Action Field Kodra 2017 is opening on Friday 22nd of September 2017 The important visual arts festival of the Municipality of Kalamaria, Action Field Kodra 2017, titled “Retrospection” will open on Friday, the 22nd of September 2017, at 21:00 o’clock, at the Dorms building, in the ex-military camp Kodra. This year’s exhibition will be open with […]

TEDx Komotini: The Revolution of Logic

Revolution – Επανάσταση{(η), ουσιαστικό} Με τον όρο επανάσταση χαρακτηρίζεται κάθε θεμελιώδης μεταβολή που μπορεί να επέλθει στην επιστημονική γνώση και κατ᾽επέκταση σε ριζική μεταβολή μιας υπάρχουσας κατάστασης. Logic – Λογική {(η), ουσιαστικό} Η λογική έχει δύο έννοιες. Είναι η μελέτη των τρόπων συλλογισμού (τόσο εκείνων που ισχύουν όσο και των εσφαλμένων), καθώς και η χρήση […]

“Cultural Management and Creative Economy” at КЪЩА Creative Hub, Sofia, Bulgaria (UPCOMING EVENT)

HOUSE CREATIVE HUB invites you to a two-day training on the topic Cultural Management and Creative Economy. The training will take the form of lectures, practical exercises and discussions. The motivation to organize this event arose from a desire to discuss and analyze what is the meaning of cultural space; the need of it in […]