Photo credits: Isaia Savvidou

Action Field Kodra 2017 is opening on Friday 22nd of September 2017

The important visual arts festival of the Municipality of Kalamaria, Action Field Kodra 2017, titled “Retrospection” will open on Friday, the 22nd of September 2017, at 21:00 o’clock, at the Dorms building, in the ex-military camp Kodra. This year’s exhibition will be open with the Mayor’s, Mr. Theodosis Mpakoglidis, speech.

This year, the festival celebrates 17 years of existence and is a retrospective to the course of Action Field Kodra. Artworks of selected artists will be shown this year, who have been supporting Kodra since day one. A total of thirty artists participate with works of art of different media, such as painting, sculpture, photography, installation and video-art, which will showcase their artistic development.

Photo credits: Isaia Savvidou
Photo credits: Isaia Savvidou

It is worth mentioning that Action Field Kodra, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in Greece, integral part of Thessaloniki’s art life, has been organised since 2001, within the framework of the festival “Para thin alos” of the Municipality of Kalamaria. Since its beginnings and during all this time period, Action Field Kodra has been trying to promote young artists, trying to approach contemporary art production with works of various media, such as painting, sculpture, performance, photography, video-art, new technologies and web-art. This year’s festival however, reflects on its past, by redefining its importance at the Greek visual arts scene and regroups for the future.

Artistic curation: Kleomenis Kostopoulos

Curatorial coordination: Rena Pitsaki

Participating artists:

Athanasopoulou Katerina, Alexandrou Vasilis, Vakouli Vicky, Gkourtzis Kostas, Zafeiropoulos Theodoros, Zouroudis Dimitris, Theofilaktou Eleni, Ioannou Dimitris, Kaklamanos Alexandros, Kapanidou Konstantina, Kyriakopoulos Makis, Kodonidou Jenny, Kotsi Tina, Lazos Orestis, Lemi Esthir, Marathaki Eva, Mikhalaros Dimitris, Bellou Rania, Bisylla Niki, Nomidou Valli, Ximeri Ioanna, Pallas Athanasios, Patsios Konstantinos, Piperidou Hara, Skaltsas Yiannis, Stratou Danae, Famelis Panos, Frangakis Dimitris, Christakos Yiannis and Christopoulos Kostas.

Οrganization: City of Kalamaria, Division of Culture

Support: Athens School of Fine Arts

Photo credits: Isaia Savvidou

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