SAIC Graduate Exhibition 2008, Gallery 2

Dimitris Michalaros participation in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Graduate Exhibition 2008.

“Kinesynaesthetic Organism”

Kinetic sculpture- installation

61 x 51 x 104 cm

Kinesynaesthetic organism, Dimitris Michalaros

April 26–May 16
Gallery 2 & Project Space

847 W. Jackson Boulevard, 2nd Fl.
Opening Reception: April 25, 9–11pm

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–6pm

Free admission

“Kinesynaesthetic Organism” is a kinetic sculpture that addresses the permeable relationships between object and space, image and sound.
The synaesthetic experience of the piece offers a means of translating these interactions into a system. Moving image becomes a form in which the visual interacts with the sonic. The piece challenges the perceived ephemerality of technology traditionally contrasted with the timelessness of art.
The elements in the piece function as organs that together constitute a self-contained organism. Reconfigured, manipulated technological instruments are left exposed. These exposures challenge the standard expectations of technology, emphasizing less the harmony than the collision and ensuing conversation between materials.